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  • Promoting Safe Driving Practices To Help Your Bottom Line Motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity. They drive up the cost of benefits such as workers' compensation, Social Security, and private health and disability insurance. You can now take this safety drivers course to counteract the repercussions of on-the-job accidents to mutually benefit the safety of your employees and safeguard your bottom line.

    -HRS Portals
  • If you are needing the community to know you exist then PQR Consulting will put your business' name on the map!  PQR Consulting not only helped bring awareness that RTS Community Fitness existed, they also solved our issues with collecting payment and registering participants for classes. They were able to set up an eCommerce page where the participants could pay in advance and register via an online form. We would have never thought this process could be so easy since before PQR we were struggling trying to do everything manually. If you want your small business to succeed and find yourself drowning in all the minutia of running your small business, PQR Consulting is the solution for you and we highly recommend them. Steve Lovett, CEO of RTS Community Fitness

    -RTS Community Fitness
  • PQR Consulting has done a great job in getting our website started ( We can't wait to get this site fully functional and our store up and running. PQR Consulting is always available and dedicates themselves to our business. They treat my site as if it were theirs. I can't believe how far we are along in just 2 weeks. Our last designers took our money and after 2 months we still didn't even have a domain name. I'd recommend PQR Consulting for your web designs and if you need to get your QuickBooks up and running this is the place to go.

    Edwin Figueroa Sr., CEO of Vaping Flavors and Novelties

    -Vaping Flavors and Novelties